Vulnerability Breeds Confidence- Originally Published for Business Heroine Magazine

This post first appeared in Business Heroine Online Magazine. Vulnerability Breed Confidence

As I've been growing my businesses, CABARRET, Public Persona, and Isagenix, my mission in life has become clear. No, I wasn't put here to teach dance, or Pilates, or fitness, or theatre, or public speaking. I was put here to teach confidence. Especially to women.

I wrote a few weeks ago about our body (dis)empowerment. We give others power over what we think and feel about ourselves. Which is, on its face, just ridiculous. But, a habit that is so very difficult to break.

Everything in my life has led me to this point where my career focus is on creating healthy people- fitness, nutrition, and mental clarity and power as they present themselves to others.

Here's the crazy thing. This requires radical vulnerability from me!

  • I have to make videos-- I always hated hearing my own voice and seeing my actions. Plus, what if I don't sound convincing? Look good enough?

  • I am my brand-- So far, no supermodels or movie stars have stepped up to speak for either of my businesses. So, it's me. How I dress, speak and act in every situation reflect back on my companies. For me, I've starting dressing to go out with a vintage flair. I have to workout. I have to eat right, so I started doing Isagenix. I have to speak up for myself, and do it eloquently. It's incredible accountability to know that your clients and potential clients are using you as their reference point.

And what is even crazier? Vulnerability breeds confidence! Read it again. Say it out loud. Vulnerability breeds confidence!

Seems counterintuitive doesn't it? And yet, I know it's true. I've seen it in my own life. Until you are ready to look at the areas that make you uncomfortable in your life, and embrace being uncomfortable, you will never become confident. Period.

Until you can say "I wish that my right attitude (a ballet position I use a lot in CABARRET) was consistently lifted.", you will never address it. Until you can say "I don't like how my voice sounds on video.", you will avoid videos and never learn ways to improve. Until you can say "I want to lose weight.", "I don't like my arms.", "Public speaking scares me.", you will avoid ways to face them. And that little negativity will be there, nagging, haunting.

My challenge to you: Give it voice. Be vulnerable and stare at it. It's there, and it's not so bad that you can't name it, can't face it. And that is a huge relief! Even better, because it's named, because you had the courage to face it, you can have the courage to take the next step to change it.

And that is where confidence comes from. Daily doing the hard thing. Daily doing things that make you uncomfortable because you know that it will make you more the person you want to be. It's not easy. But, in a few months, you will look back with complete wonder at the 

confidence transformation that has occurred in your life. Vulnerability breeds confidence!