Changes and Gifts. Must be September.

Celebrate!I've always had a love/hate relationship with September. It's my birthday, so I love it. I like routine, and fall always provides more of one than summer.

But, at the same time, September usually means change. Moving on from where you were. And feeling the pressure to create in the upcoming last quarter of the year what you haven't yet acheived. With the return to routine comes a little less freedom than the summer provided. And, as I am now 30 (about to turn 31!), I care less about celebrating my birthday. 

So this year, I'm trying to pre-empt the maudlin feelings of September with lots of positivity. My blog has gotten a big make-over, cosmetically and content-wise. 


  • There will now be healthy recipes. I cook very little, so they won't be frequent, but they will be there!
  • This blog is now an affiliate to Gaiam, Magical Manifesters and Isagenix, providing discounts and specials to YOU. Check out the links at the right. 
  • Free Gifts! As I am publishing and appearing more often, you will get some perks! I'll be highlighting free gifts in the Hello Bar! Be sure to check it out! 
  • Specials page! In September, I've got some SERIOUS discounts and giveaways going on the brand-new Specials page. Be sure to look them over. This page will also host our free gifts and various other discounts throughout the year. 

Thank you all for your support throughout the 2 1/2 years this website has be running! Please feel free to leave in the comments anything you'd like to see me write about or what you enjoy about the site!