How to stay positive when everything totally sucks.

From Join the Journey I get feedback regularly on how much people love my energy, my positivity, my attitude. On how they are inspired by my health and fitness posts or the direction my life is taking. And I always reply, "Oh, thank you! I'm working hard, but loving every minute of it!" Which is 100% true. Also 100% true- the voice in my head saying "If you only knew…."

But, those comments reinforce my positivity. If I can be inspiring, encouraging, positive and healthy, even on days when I feel beaten down, how much more can I be on the good days?!

Positivity, attitude, energy are choices. We can choose to let our external circumstances affect our internal well-being. Or, we can determine our own course. I've been listening to Jeffrey Combs Mindset Mastery calls over the past month or so. He regularly rocks my world and challenges me to be just a little bit better. (He can for you too, calls are free, let me know if you want info!) He says "Master your emotional state and you will become a master." 

This is how stay I positive when everything totally sucks. I am mastering my emotional state. I am not at the mercy of my circumstance. I am me. I choose to act or react. I choose to live in anxiety or faith. I choose to focus on the positive or stress. 

The next time you're having a bad day, stop. Remind yourself that your external circumstances do not make YOU. Rise above, Be authentically you- positive, inspiring, moving onward and upward. You are not staying in those circumstances- this too shall pass. As long as you keep moving!