2014, FTW.


This was an exercise from Alexandra Franzen. No resolutions. Only intention. So, here are my intentions for 2014. Sharing this with you is accountability for me, and hopefully inspirational for you. Please leave a comment with you 2014 FTW Intentions!

In 2014, I am building my empire. Wellness and fitness are physical, mental and emotional. I have products and services that support goals in all of these areas. I am ready to be known for this work, to be available to my clients, and to find new clients. 

This building — my body of work — will include a few very helpful offerings for the world, including:

  • Group coaching sessions- Embrace Your Power- The coaching sessions empower women to work on their goals, by embracing the power within, that they've been denying and shutting down. Such amazing break-throughs come from this work.
  • Isagenix nutritional cleansing products and coaching- Isagenix works. The high integrity of the ingredients and the company makes me proud to be a part of this organization. 
  • A book- I need to do this. Stay tuned!

In order to build what I want to build, I’ll need to release / remove a few things from my world, including:

  • Wasted time- Oh, I can procrastinate. I mean, I never procrastinate with nothing, like just watching TV or playing on Facebook. Oh, no. I procrastinate by "working". Writing Facebook posts, scheduling tweets, researching other businesses. While these are likely things that do need to be done, they usually are an excuse for why I am NOT doing what I need to being doing at that moment. 
  • Fear of rejection/annoying others- This is what makes selling difficult for me. I don't want to bother anyone. I want to be nice. I want to be liked. But, guess what? They are not rejecting me, just the product/service. And, if they do say no, or are bothered, then they are not my client. Learning who says "No" will help me learn who will say "Yes".  
  • Fear of success and failure- Change is scary. Whether it's good or bad. It means we cannot stay as we are, where we are. I'm afraid of both the good and the bad changes. But, I must embrace that it means I'm growing, learning and moving. 

 Because what I really want to be known for is teaching women to find and embrace the power within them. To be confident in their bodies, voices and businesses. 

When things start to feel overwhelming, I will keep it simple by reminding myself that my job is simply to show others their power. 

And by this time next year, I will be SO proud to have completed ONE big thing, which is writing a book. 

And THAT is my plan for 2014.