Viewpoint 1: Most Fitness Regimens are Mindless

Well, that plan didn't quite work out (the one to repurpose content). Oh well. But now, I've got a new plan! 

Under the guidance of my biz coach, the fabulous Erika Lyremark, I've been working to really bring MY voice to CABARRET. After all, that is what the workout is meant to do- allow women to express themselves!

So the next few blog posts will be about what Erika calls "ViewPoints". The beliefs that I hold that help define me, and my business. So, I'm ready to step up and speak out! 

And this first one goes back to my original plan, repurposing content!

Viewpoint 1: Most Workouts are Mindless

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What do I mean? I mean, when you go to the gym, you just check out. You read, watch TV, or follow the teacher without ever putting the power of your brain behind your movements! This makes for a less effective workout, a less safe workout, and could even contribute to those feelings of boredom that sometimes crop up at the gym. And you don't have to believe just me! Check out the word from scientists.