Stay Tuned...

I know that I haven't written a lot lately, at least here. But trust me, I have soooooo much to say!

I'm currently going through a business coaching course that is resulting in some rebranding and new ideas, for both myself and for CABARRET! It's exciting and terrifying. The new vision I have for me, the business and all of you, thrills me! But it is definitely taking some work right now. All of my creative energy is currently being poured into creating and re-creating my business. Meaning, I'm not writing a lot for the blog at the moment. So, please stay with me, because these things are going to be awesome! 

And in March, there is going to be a video series for the blog, and some new workout videos for CABARRET!

Until then, check out the current CABARRET video library! There are some great workout ones in there. And, I've updated the class schedule page, because there have been a few changes.

See you soon!