The Importance Of Authenticity In The New Paradigm

Today's post is a guest post from the intuitive, amazing Leanne Chapman. I love her message in this post, and it fits with our recent theme of "get real"! Be sure to check out her bio at the bottom of the post, and connect with her.

The face of business is changing, particularly with the huge growth in online businesses in recent years. While many existing businesses have spent the last decade utilising the internet to help get their products and services in front of more people, there are now many businesses that operate solely online. This heightens the need for authenticity because you may never meet your individual clients face to face.

In the old paradigm of business, the approach was to find a gap in the market and fill it. However the new paradigm puts the focus on your unique gifts and talents which arise out of the essence of who you are as an individual. You might offer something that has never been available before, or your offerings might be similar to what others are offering, but either way nobody provides them in quite the same way you do. New paradigm products and services develop from your passions, the things that make you come alive, and as such they are one of a kind.

Usually they are something that comes naturally to you, either because it's something you love to do and therefore you've become exceptional at it, such as making art or teaching a particular skill. Or it could be a life challenge that you have personal experience with and now want to guide others through, such as losing weight or taking your career in a new direction.

Authenticity is particularly important in this arena. Your clients will naturally gravitate to you because what you offer resonates deeply with them. Whereas previously the emphasis was on going out and finding new clients, it is now your authentic spirit which draws them to you and lets them know you offer the right service for them.

Of course you will still need to market your offerings, but it won't be a matter of trying to convince people to buy your products and services. In fact, you might even turn some clients away, because in order to maintain integrity you understand that some people are not your ideal clients and therefore not a good fit for your business. You accept that they will be better off elsewhere.

In this business model, you create from the heart and your tribe is drawn to the results of this. You no longer need to think too hard about what to say when connecting with potential clients, because connections arise organically out of who you are. If we are being authentic in all areas of our lives, our products will flow from this and the 'know, like, trust' factor will grow quickly with the right clients.

Rather than looking for ways to make money in an unfamiliar industry, new paradigm business owners create their careers from the inside out, making money doing what they love. Engaging clients on a deeper level is a simple process of becoming more of yourself. In this way, authenticity comes naturally, although it may require us to be more vulnerable than before because of the need to look within and share who we truly are.

However when we take the risk and share of ourselves in this way, we aren't constantly seeking new clients because our ideal clients are able to develop a deep connection with us. This is an exciting time for business owners as we learn to express ourselves from the heart and watch our outer world fall into alignment. What are your unique gifts? There is a whole world out there waiting for them!

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Bio: Leanne Chapman is a mentor for spiritual treasure-seekers who want to reclaim lost parts of themselves from the shadows. Leanne founded Claim Your Treasure to show people how to create soul-directed lives based on deep authentic connections with themselves and others. She offers a ten module program to help you Reclaim Your Truth, along with Sacred Stories and Treasure Maps to guide your path. Leanne is an art therapist, Soul Art® guide and writer and she believes that art, creativity and nature are all valuable elements in the healing process. 

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