5 Things To Do When You Need a Break From Yourself.

Gala Darling has declared this month #RadicalSelfLoveJuly ! And she has a whole Instagram challenge going for the month. I am participating, but must admit, I’m not doing very well. But, it’s OK! No guilt for the lack of demonstrating self-love is actually having self-love, right?

If you’re like me, you have moments where you find it difficult to be with yourself. That last bad decision or unkind word keeps playing in your head. Your life looks so overwhelming you wonder how you got yourself into this. You have to make a decision and are torn, and you wish you’d just make up your mind already!

Sometimes we just need a break for ourselves. And that’s ok. So, the next time you are on the verge of making yourself crazy, try one of these things instead:

1. Take a nap. I know you’re not 4. But a nap is the perfect way to both escape your life for an hour, and reset your mindset. The world always looks better after a nap.

2. Try some self-love. If you are loving yourself, it’s hard to beat yourself up at the same time! A massage, a long bath. Eat chocolate. Go to the coffee shop and have a date with you.

3. Write a letter to yourself congratulating you on the things you’ve accomplished in the past year. Just like above, you can’t be hard on yourself if you are impressed by you! So often, we don’t take the time to really reflect on, or celebrate our accomplishments. Give yourself that time now. I bet you’ve got more than one thing worth celebrating from the past year. It feels good to remember that!

 One of my favorites!

One of my favorites!

4. Have a mantra or quote. Find something that inspires you. Put it where you can see it. Repeat it over and over to yourself, or out loud, when you are questioning your own ability to create the life you desire. One of my favorites is from Marianne Williamson: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you NOT to be?”

5. Have a “2 Minute Meltdown”. This is actually one of my favorites. I find it incredibly effective. Set a timer for two minutes and let it all out. We often deny ourselves negative feelings, or feel that we should just be able to “handle it”. But a meltdown can be incredibly productive.

My friend and coach Stacy Moscotti is great at this. She even lets me call her when I’m having my “2 Minute Meltdown” and she listens. And then says “Ok, so what are your options to not being in this situation?” I find one of two things usually happens: 1. I feel better so much better after letting it all out, that nothing needs to happen. I can deal with it now, I just needed to vent. Or, 2. The venting allowed me to clear my mind of frustration, so now I really can see the options available to me.

So the next time you’re wishing you could get a break from yourself, try one of these things. And, if you’re so inclined, join me for #RadicalSelfLoveJuly on Instagram. Let’s take a month to treat ourselves like the amazing creatures we are.