Dancer with Cancer- Part 4

"Bodies are weird." I say that to my clients all the time. I also say, "The body is different every day."Another thing I frequently say is "You are the only one in your body".

I am just now learning the truth of these statements. I took my healthy, fit body for granted. Even now, I can slip back, as I feel good most of the time.

When was the last time you took a moment to thank your body for all it does? For all it is capable of? Learn to develop this appreciation and feel this goodness. When you are more in touch with the good, you will be more quickly able to sense when something is wrong.

Just because something is wrong doesn't mean it will be that way forever. The body constantly tries to heal itself. At my 2nd chemo, they had to flush my port, because scar tissue had already formed around it. Bodies are quick. Pain and sickness are temporary, quite often. Not pleasant, but not permanent.

Sometimes, though, it is. But let me be very clear. Your disease, disability, injury or issue is NOT your body. My disease is NOT my body.

I'm still learning to separate my cancer from my body. To not blame my body or blame myself. There is cancer in my body and my body and I are working together to get rid of it.

I respect her needs, like nutrition, sleep and exercise. In return, she is giving me strength and healing.

Know your body. The body is perfect. Beautiful. Weird. Miraculous. Fragile. Powerful.