Call for Help!

Hi all!

I am a Doctoral candidate at Ocean Seminary College and am conducting a research study on spirituality and the performing arts, titled "Encountering the Other in Theatre/Dance: a Model for Body Theology". I am inviting YOU to participate in my work!

Your answers as a director, choreographer, dancer, or actor will really help me create the bulk of my dissertation! I need your experiences! To join, just think of a time that you, as a performer or someone guiding performers, encountered the Other in: THE AUDIENCE,  A CHARACTER, YOUR DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER (While this is geared towards performers, directors/choreographers/designers should feel free to adapt the questions to their own experiences.), YOUR SCENE PARTNER/ENSEMBLE, or YOUR OWN BODY.

I have easy links to Google forms that you can complete! Just drop a comment here or a DM about which form you would like and I’ll send you the “official email” with all the “official language”, and the link!

Thanks in advance for all your help!